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Human Design is a powerful tool to help you awaken the real you and bring forward any skills , talents , and genius that have been overshadowed by what others have told you to do .

This probably sounds a little complex and it can be , but it is worth getting help understanding yours because it opens and activates how you came here to be and the attributes of your creative genius .
There is a lot of good information to tap into here . For example , I have Gate 8 in my Black Sun . My Life Purpose is ‘ to push the boundaries of authentic self-expression ’ and use this expression to inspire others to fulfill themselves . Being myself , having my experiences along the road of life and sharing them to inspire others is what I am here to do . My Gate and Line numbers are 8.6 . The 6 is the line and that makes me a natural born teacher . My genius is that I see further than others and understand that people have different gifts that will emerge on their own with a little inspiration .

How This Translates to Your Business Genius

So now that you know my first Pillar of Genius and how it lines up with my Life Purpose , can you see how I use my Coaching business to teach and inspire others ? I could have used art or music or some other mode to reach others and inspire them , but I chose Coaching and Teaching because they allow me to express my Life Purpose using one of my 4 Pillars of Genius .
My Evolution Pillar of Genius has the energy of Gate 14.6 , The Powerhouse . I am meant to learn how to use my natural skills to create bounteous prosperity and a powerful reserve of expansive resources for others . Again , coaching people to have an abundant business fits nicely with this pillar of Genius because I use teaching to help me share this information with clients .
Knowing this information helps me see where I am on track and where I might want to tweak my business , products , and services to make better use of my Pillars of Genius so I can better serve my clients .

Your Natural Skills and Talents

Your Human Design Chart gives you practical information about your natural skills and talents too . As an example , the chart tells you how strong you are in Management as there are certain energies that represent energies that are valuable and necessary in management . When you have them defined in your chart , you have these areas consistently which will give you additional support in a management role .

76 www . AspireMAG . net | April / May 2023