April/May 2023 Aspire Magazine FULL Issue | Page 75

are living your life than what you do . You can successfully live out your purpose doing many different jobs and businesses in any number of industries . The important thing is that you understand the essence of your purpose and use the qualities of your unique genius to live out that purpose .
When we refer to your genius , we are talking about your creative genius and not your intellectual genius . Intellectual genius comes from studying and learning how to do things . You came into the world with the seeds of your creative genius and how you evolve through your life helps the seeds grow and blossom . You knew those seeds well as a child and often lived out your creative genius in play or fantasy as your first attempted to practice using them .
My grandson who is now 10 , is a natural born leader . It was obvious to all of us by the time he was 4 or 5 . After studying Human Design , now I know that he is a Manifestor and can naturally manage people and delegate tasks like an adult . Even at 4 , he knew he was an initiator , and his “ job ” was to have ideas and start things , then get others on board to complete them . That was part of his genius , and it was amazing to watch him in action . His mother and I had many a chuckle watching him manage things and people , even those much older than him . He was doing what came naturally to him . He was using his genius .
Unfortunately , as we grow up , we are conditioned by parents , teachers , society , even life experiences to do certain things and do them a certain way . Often our natural genius shrinks into the background , possibly even going dormant . We can lose the essence of who we are and the awareness of our life purpose . To reactivate your natural genius , you need only become aware of it again , wake it up and have the confidence to use it . Awareness is the key .

Locating Your 4 Pillars of Genius

We find this information in your Incarnation Cross in the Human Design Chart . Your Incarnation Cross is made up of the Human Design Gates in your chart that reside in the two Sun and two Earth positions . If you look at your chart , you will find your sun in the first position in the black and red columns on either side of the body graph and your earth in the second position right under the sun . These 4 gates represent about 70 % of who you are and together make up your life purpose .
You may be curious about the numbers that appear in those positions . The first number is the Gate which represents the qualities of the energy you have there and the second number after the dot is called the line . The line further refines the energy and is the code for your genius .

The four pillars of your genius found in your Incarnation Cross are :

Your Life ’ s Work , ( in the Black Sun position ) also a key part of your purpose .
Your Evolution or what you ’ re here to learn , ( in the Black Earth position ).
Your Radiance or your vitality and intuition ( in the Red Sun Position ).
and finally , your Purpose ( in the Red Earth position ).