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Human Design

What Your Human Design Shows You About Your BUSINESS GENIUS


You came into the world Divinely designed with a life purpose , a set of skills / talents to support you in achieving your purpose , and four prime gifts that are your Pillars of Genius . Many of us live out our life purpose through our businesses or our careers . Yet , it is not always clear what your life purpose is and how it translates to your life ’ s work . I often get the question , “ What am I here to do ? How do I know my Life Purpose ?” when people are contemplating a change around what they do to earn a living as a business owner or an employee .

Your Life Purpose and Your Pillars of Genius

Your Life Purpose and Pillars of Genius can be found in your Human Design Chart . Your Life Purpose is more about how you

74 www . AspireMAG . net | April / May 2023