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The energy and commitment that you put into your magic in the beginning is often reflected in your results at the end .

are really good at what they do , but please don ’ t lose hope . Ever . The invisible barrier that they create isn ’ t impenetrable . When you think about it , even real condoms are only about 98 percent effective , right ? Some of us are living proof of that .
Luckily , because the Divine is so cool , you have been given a wonderful angelic team to help you pull the mental weeds in even the most toxic soil in your mind . They can help you pierce through the invisible mental condom , so that the seeds of your heart ’ s deepest desires for wealth , love , and joy can penetrate the fertile soil of Creation , and your biggest , most beautiful dreams can finally be birthed into the world .
So the question is , how can you identify and pull the mental weeds that are essentially keeping your wealthy life on lockdown ? Well , there are lots of ways , really , but my favorite happens to be right between your ears : mindset magic , of course .
The energy and commitment that you put into your magic in the beginning is often reflected in your results at the end . Enjoy this process . Take your time . Do the practices . Be curious about the mysteries that you may discover along the way , and get ready to officially begin your wealth magic ritual .

Here are some tips on how to keep your wealth garden growing indefinitely :

Follow the joy

You were likely born from an orgasm , so why not lead an orgasmic life ? Your path to finding deep purpose is closely aligned with the parts of life that light you up and bring you joy . I invite you to consider creating your next level of wealth with this in mind . How fun would it be to earn a healthy living by doing work that ’ s absolutely awesome ? Spoiler alert : it ’ s pretty dang fun . So let your heart and mind dance with the possibility of doing work and creating offerings for others that you absolutely love so that it won ’ t feel like “ work ” at all .

Keep building a relationship with the angels

Commit to building a relationship with angels , with Spirit , and with other amazing invisible allies . They are there for you and can help you not just with wealth but with anything at all . Talk to them all day . Remember that they are with you right now . Keep speaking with them . You are never alone , and the more you communicate with them , the more you will experience this as truth .

16 www . AspireMAG . net | April / May 2023