April/May 2023 Aspire Magazine FULL Issue | Page 17


Go all in

Don ’ t be half-assed about your wealth making . Commit to wealth with your whole ass . Remember , angels can ’ t do the heavy lifting for you . Sometimes you will be guided to make small , incremental shifts , and sometimes your guidance will demand bold , courageous — even audacious — actions to align your life with your highest potential . Allow yourself to say yes to these urges and move flexibly on this journey toward wealth .

Commit to developing a wealth mindset

I gave you plenty of ideas for this in chapter 5 ; however , it ’ s worth mentioning again . Sustainable wealth begins on the inside . Note the areas where you still need improvement , and keep asking the angels to help you create a mindset that ’ s conducive to extraordinary wealth .

Block the inner demons

Beat them at their own game . Pay attention to the dialogue in your head , and when you catch yourself trying to harsh on your own vibe with negative thoughts , know that it ’ s really the tricksters at play . Don ’ t let the inner demons stop you .

Listen to the sweet , soft voice inside you

Your own intuition is one of your greatest allies . Develop your intuition , and learn to trust it . Take classes or workshops or go on retreats to help you nurture this connection . This tip alone could set your next-level life on fire .

Find community that inspires you

As I mentioned a bit earlier in the book , building a network of wealthy and successminded folks is powerful . Surround yourself with amazing and supportive people . If you can ’ t find folks locally , there ’ s a whole wide world out there . Seek amazing online communities if need be . You can find some on my website at CorinGrillo . com .

Stay in gratitude , and count your blessings frequently .

A grateful heart stays receptive to abundance . Open your eyes to the good medicine and the blessings that surround you in every moment , and you will begin to align yourself with the abundant flow of nature itself .
Excerpted from the book from Angel Wealth Magic : Simple Steps to Hire the Divine & Unlock Your Miraculous Financial Flow . Copyright © 2022 by Corin Grillo , LMFT . Printed with permission from New World Library — www . newworldlibrary . com .