April/May 2023 Aspire Magazine FULL Issue | Page 43

Soul knows we are ready , even if we don ’ t feel ready .

New perspectives that are developed after having a spiritual experience are :

A belief that a higher intelligence or power in the universe is watching over you .
Showing you that your Soul has a purpose , and that it is your job to discover what this purpose is .
Eventually giving one an increase in their intuition and creativity , which connects their personality with their Soul and increases their life energy .
The fear of dying is lost knowing it is just a transition to another place , which now makes life more meaningful .
In watching the process of spiritual experiences , I have also learned that entertainment and consumption in our material , sensory world does not create meaning . That most people want something more in their life that is meaningful .
How does one start to be more spiritual ? Number one would be to lower your mental level in your life – Stop Thinking . Spend more time in meditation , gardening , walking the dog , being in nature . Relax and KNOW there is something higher waiting for you once you stop to listen and see .
REV . KAREN E . HERRICK - Rev . Karen E . Herrick , PhD , LCSW , LMSW , CADC , ACMHP , completed her Master ’ s degree at Rutgers University , and her PhD at Union Institute and University in Social Work . She has shared her clinical expertise for thirty years in private practice and by lecturing on dysfunctional , addictive homes , dissociation , and grief and loss from a Jungian psychological perspective . She is a lecturer with CEYou . org and CHI Professional Development , providing webinars for professionals and others interested in Jungian psychology . Dr . Herrick ’ s decades of research consist of paranormal experiences that have been widely reported and appear to be fairly common . These phenomena have been the subject of psychical research for well over a century , and their existence is reasonably established . Her books , You ’ re Not Finished Yet , “ Grandma , What is a Soul ?” and Psychology of the Soul and the Paranormal . Learn more at kareneherrick . com .

“ Spiritual experiences are activated by the Soul of the person coming from the unconscious , which has an intelligence of its own .”

Rev . Karen E . Herrick , PhD