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relationship , marriage , deaths of important people in their lives , etc . These sometimes bring into consciousness the contents of the unconscious that have the strongest emotional charge and that are the most psychologically relevant at that time for the client .
Sometimes travel can activate a spiritual experience . This happened to me while on tour of Egypt with Edgar Cayce ’ s organization , the Association for Research & Enlightenment ( ARE ). I had already had my Holy Spirit experience . I knew there was a God . However , I wasn ’ t that sure about Jesus Christ and how much of his story I wanted to believe .
One day during the tour we were told we had the afternoon off , and what would we like to do ? I had a vague memory of a Catholic Church in Cairo where a vision of the Virgin Mary had been seen . I told our guide that my partner and I would like to visit there .
The ride out was ridiculously hot . When we jumped out of our cab in front of this old church , I was disappointed . This was not the cathedral in my memory . No one inside spoke English but one of our group members spoke Italian and learned that the Virgin Mary had not been seen here .
Outside the church , I saw what looked like subway stairs . As I looked down the stairs ahead of me , I saw a circular banner showing the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus . We walked down the stairs and arrived at an extremely old church appearing on our right that was being held up with long pieces of wood . We went down another set of stairs and entered the church .
I walked up to the front of the church being curious mostly about the banners outside . There was a cloth hanging down to the left of the altar covering a doorway . I peeked inside a gap in the cloth and a very lovely lady ’ s voice said , “ You can go in there .” I said , “ You speak English ?” and she nodded “ Yes .”. I said , “ What ’ s in there ?” She said , “ The apartment where the Holy Family lived when they fled from Herod .” It was extremely hot . I had to ask her “ Which Holy Family ?” And , the lady said very slowly , “ Jesus , Mary and Joseph .” “ Oh ,” I said , “ That Holy Family .” Who knows what she must have thought of me ? But I was too hot to care .
I went inside to a small room where there were postcards and some written materials . To my right was another stairway that led down to where I could see water splashing . The lady followed me in and told me that that was where the Holy Family had lived . It was now always wet as people had diverted the Nile .
Because I had not given up , we saw St . Sargius Church , a Coptic church founded by early Christians . It is the oldest church in Egypt . I bought some of the postcards . They lady told me that they use the money to help keep the church standing . I was incredibly grateful that through the problem of translation , my guide had sent the taxi driver to this oldest Coptic church . I now knew Jesus was an historical person . I was in awe . And , as Carl Jung said , “ Chance rules !”
Spiritual experiences are activated by the Soul of the person coming from the unconscious , which has an intelligence of its own . Watching clients and myself experience spiritual experiences has shown me that the following benefits come from their activations of the unconscious whenever the

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