April/May 2023 Aspire Magazine FULL Issue | Page 27

that surround your vicinity . Perhaps , you wish to boundary your vicinity , see a shining membrane wall around you and send your consciousness out into this bubble , greeting all beings found here and listening internally for any return greeting . Notice the sensations , thoughts , and feelings that arise from doing this .
Finally , extend your energy upward , allowing yourself to imagine branches growing up from your back and shoulders and out through your head . Allow these branches to extend and open to the airy heights above you , climbing as far as possible . Perhaps you can connect to the stars above you , sensing out for any beings that dwell here who may hold a personal message for you . Visualize yourself drawing energy from this heightened awareness , paying attention again to any new feelings , thoughts , and sensations that present themself . When you are complete , bring yourself back into your body by using the awareness of your breath . Allow yourself to come back slowly to ordinary consciousness . By repeating this exercise frequently , you may create a bond to this location , and it can serve as a personal power spot for you to recharge yourself when you are feeling scattered and depleted .
The benefits of being in Nature are welldocumented in mental health . Being with Nature improves cognitive function , lifts our moods , and provides a sense of health and well-being . Adding to the mental and physical benefits of this spiritual practice of connecting to Earth energy , you can increase your creativity and expand your consciousness , which is the foundation for living a magical and joy-filled life .
REV . WENDY VAN ALLEN - Rev . Wendy Van Allen is an ordained interspiritual minister and counselor through One Spirit Learning Alliance and Outreach Ministries in New York , NY . As a Priestess of both the Afro-Caribbean Lukumi and Wiccan traditions , she is a longtime practitioner of Nature Spirituality . She is also a practicing Spiritist and a trained intuitive consultant through the Holistic Studies Institute , New York , NY . Rev . Wendy holds two bachelor ’ s degree from Rutgers University and is completing a Master ’ s in Clinical Counseling degree at Saint Bonaventure University . She has a private interspiritual counseling practice and teaching center in New York State , and offers classes and workshops on Nature Spirituality and interspiritual counseling upon request . She is the author of Relighting the Cauldron : Embracing Nature Spirituality for the Modern World , Llewellyn Worldwide Publications , 2023 . More information is available on her website at Soul Blossom Center and Spiritual Counseling .

“ Being with Nature improves cognitive function , lifts our moods , and provides a sense of health and well-being .”

Wendy Van Allen