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whatever they are known as in their specific culture — work with this power . They harness this energy to gain wisdom and use it for healing and connect to the elements and to non-human intelligences and spiritual beings . Through the use of magic , some are able to journey to realms beyond this plane , entering fields of non-ordinary consciousness . Some people are born with this knowledge - mystics , artists , poets , especially if they are born into cultures that validate a belief in the Spirit world .
Expanding our personal worldview to embrace this alternate reality can be beneficial in the sense that it may invite in new understanding , increasing our awareness and creativity . Considering the world around us , including what we would consider non-sentient beings like stones , crystals , mountains , or rivers as having a life force , can enlarge our lives , opening us to new realities . We may grow our consciousness beyond everyday life , entering into the world of the mystic .
This way of knowing is within the ability of everyone , but to access it , one needs to become like a child again . This often requires a leap of faith . Remember when you believed in fairies ? To the magical-minded person , fairies are real , many are spirits of the plant kingdom and they will respond to us when we develop relationships with them . This can be as simple as connecting to a nearby forest or garden . Don ’ t be surprised if , reading this you encounter internal solid resistance . Western culture has dismissed this perception for centuries . It has worked hard to convince us to release the belief in magic as something scary , childish , or delusional . Yet unlearning this conditioning is essential if we are to step out on the magical path . Doing this requires practice . An excellent way to begin is through a centering exercise with the land you live on . This may be in your own backyard if you have one , or in a nearby park if you are an urban dweller . This exercise utilizes intuition and imagination , two abilities that are vital to developing your magical sensibilities . Begin by identifying a natural spot within your area . This could be a clearing near a tree that appeals to you , or the banks of a stream , or a large boulder in a wooded area that is flat enough to sit on . Arriving at the spot , introduce yourself and make an offering . This could be pouring out a libation of water or burning tobacco , mugwort , rosemary or a sage wand to clear your own energy and offer the smoke . When you make this gesture of gratitude , you are opening yourself to connect to the spirit of that space in friendship .
While seated , breathe deeply , and visualize yourself as a small tree . Feel into the surface of the Earth or rock you are seated on and allow your roots to extend down . Let them seek out all the living beings that dwell there ; animals and insects , and the network of mycelium branches out around the whole area . Feel if you can , any flowing water in the area . Connect your consciousness to this living network and see if you can draw energy up from this network into your being . Take note of whatever information or sensations come to you through this visualization .
Next , allow yourself to be in the area of your body which has become the trunk of your tree . Shift your consciousness out at this level around you now . As you continue to breathe , be aware of all of the living beings , plants , animals , fungi , insects , and humans ,

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