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nothing to do with how capable you are .
Jake is now a great driver . Not knowing how to drive had nothing to do with his capability . He just didn ’ t know what he didn ’ t know !
With practice and the supervision of a calm , confident mentor who already knew how to drive , Jake made the shift from learning it to living it .
That ’ s exactly what our second type of student , what we call the Breakthrough Student , is able to do when it comes to their relationship . Breakthrough Students live the results they learn about , because they apply what they learn , share their results with us and their tribe , and ask questions about how to do even better . They are actually “ getting behind the wheel and driving ,” so that living in a great relationship becomes second nature to them .
If you aren ’ t yet experiencing the great relationship you ’ d love to have — the kind where you and your partner have each other ’ s backs , you feel supported and loved , and passion is through the roof — then it might be because you stopped at “ reading the manual .”
The great news is that relationship is a skill set that can be learned and implemented !
To make living in a great relationship second nature for you , schedule a chat with one of our Relationship Development Advisors today : http :// hellordo . com / advisorcall
REFUSES to change !
STACEY MARTINO - Stacey has proven that it only takes ONE partner to transform a relationship … ANY relationship ! Stacey , and her husband Paul are on a mission to empower people to get the Unshakable Love and Unleashed Passion they want in their relationship … even if their partner
Stacey and Paul , are the founders of RelationshipDevelopment .
org and creators of RelationshipU ®. Through their revolutionary Relationship Development ® methodology , they are changing the way relationship is done !
Today , through their strategic coaching , online programs and soldout live events , Stacey and Paul have helped save thousands of marriages around the world ( by working with only one spouse ).
Trained and certified by Tony Robbins , Stacey is a certified marriage
educator , divorce preventionist and strategic interventionist . As a six-time best-selling author , Stacey is a sought-after relationship expert , and is the Relationship Expert for Aspire Magazine .
Learn more about their empowering relationship programs , the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat™ and more at www . relationshipdevelopment . org . Listen to the popular Relationship Transformers ® podcast here .

“... relationship is a skill set that can be learned and implemented ! ”

Stacey Martino

66 www . AspireMAG . net | April / May 2023