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our growth , mood , and sense of belonging . Play helps reduce stress , improve brain function , stimulates creativity , teaches cooperation , and improves relationships and connection to others . Diane Ackerman wrote , “ Play is our brain ’ s favorite way of learning .” It is amazing how integrating even a few minutes of play can infuse joy into our days .
Take Walks Together – Going outside and taking a walk together can be so fun and rejuvenating ! Walking offers many benefits to our physical and mental health and is more than just exercise . Research shows how walking with others lowers stress , changes our perspective , and deepens our gratitude . Even a 10-minute walk with your family can improve your mood , health , and overall well-being and anyone at any age can participate whether they are in a stroller or a wheelchair . Go out and notice the beauty of nature all around and nurture yourself with a walk together .
Share Gratitude and Love – There are so many ways to share your gratitude and love with your family that are deeply selfnurturing . You can begin by sharing what you are grateful for at meals , on walks , in notes left for family members , and any time you feel inspired . You can create a gratitude wall or jar in your home so that your family can share what they are grateful for with each other . You can plan time to write letters and stay connected to family members who are far away and find creative ways to include them by phone or computer . Gratitude fuels more gratitude and can become one of your family ’ s most nurturing practices !
Once you have identified a few self-nurturing practices that the whole family can enjoy , create a family self-nurturing list that you hang some place everyone will see . You can continue to add to the list . Meet as a family weekly and schedule nurturing activities together . Celebrate self-nurturing in your family . Remember to give each person in the family permission and the time and space to nurture themselves individually and with the family . Be a model of self-nurturing in your community and share with others what you are doing as a family . May you have fun cultivating self-nurturing practices for the whole family as you nurture peace in the world from the inside out !
Sending you peace , love and gratitude ,


KELLEY GRIMES , MSW - Kelley is an empowering counselor , self-nurturing expert , sought-after speaker , an expert columnist for Aspire Magazine , expert instructor for InspiredLivingUniversity . com and the author of best-selling book , The Art of Self-Nurturing : A Field Guide to Living with More Peace , Joy & Meaning .
She is the founder of Cultivating Peace and Joy , inspiring individuals to nurture peace in the world from the inside out . Kelley is passionate about empowering overwhelmed and exhausted individuals to live with more peace , joy , and meaning through the practice of self-nurturing . She loves working with individuals , couples , and families in person and virtually to transform their lives . In addition , she provides professional and leadership development to organizations dedicated to making the world a better place .
She is honored to have been awarded the Graduate “ Above and Beyond ” Field Instructor Award from San Diego State University and the “ Olive Branch ” Award from Hands of Peace . Download your free Self-Nurturing Starter Kit at www . cultivatingpeaceandjoy . com .

52 www . AspireMAG . net | April / May 2023