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Sacred Cycles of



It ’ s easy to view your life ’ s purpose as one , straightforward cycle : you ’ re born , are purposefully educated , decide on a career , devote to a job or many forms of employment that align with the chosen career , then retire and leave it all behind . Although this may be the perfect cycle for a few , it ’ s now becoming more and more uncommon for most awakened Souls to live in this predictable way .

What ’ s empowering to consider is that your purpose will have many cycles of birth , life , death and transcendence within this life . Each cycle flowing into the next in a timing that is more divine than mundane , some cycles flowing over each other in a way that our human minds cannot always make sense of , but our Souls know the perfection inherent in each layer . You ’ re able to embark on a fresh wave of inspiring education at any time in your life , you may apply for a job and leave it for another as you wish , and you never need to retire ( or you do so in your own timing ).

46 www . AspireMAG . net | April / May 2023