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4LUCK into Your Life


Just after Christmas in 2022 , I was out for my morning walk , it was a calm yet chilly morning in the desert , and I was plugged into the Mel Robbins podcast . I am not much of a podcast listener , but I am a big-time , long-term fan of Mel ’ s . She talked to Dr . Tom Myers about synchronicity and its unfolding science on this show . During this fascinating conversation , they turned to the topic of luck , and it was right then that an idea planted itself in my mind .

For the next few weeks , I started to read blog posts , newspaper articles , and books on the art and science of luck to see if there was some common thread . This a piece of insight that I could use to conduct my own luck experiment . Then on a stormy day in

22 www . AspireMAG . net | April / May 2023