April/May 2023 Aspire Magazine FULL Issue | Page 69

Life happens in seasons , as they say . It ’ s also said that people come into our lives for a reason , that there is always a purpose or a lesson attached to the impact of that individual . In some way , shape , or form , love is laced within these relationships . It may look and feel different depending on the person ’ s purpose in your orbit , but it ’ s still a form of living and active love .
The healer village , whom I describe as “ the one who makes you feel better ,” is a wonderful example of love in action . Let ’ s look at how you can embrace the skills of this villager and start living your “ lovestyle ” by supporting others :

1 Comforting Gift : It need not be expensive ! Simply something that you believe might bring your fellow villager a smile , relief , or make them feel remembered is a gift . For example , when you find out someone in your community has passed away , you can develop ( or participate in ) a meal train to alleviate the stress of food preparation , while the family of the loved one grieves and heals .

2 A Patient Ear : It is difficult to not want to just swoop in and solve people ’ s problems . It ’ s painful to watch those you love suffer in any way — big or small . However , sometimes your role isn ’ t to solve anything . Your role is simple but very powerful — to listen and walk with them through the moment .

3 A Hand to Hold : If a friend is going through a hard time , perhaps you can do some research for them to find supportive , accredited resources . When life gets heavy , even small tasks can be overwhelming . Providing this due diligence could bring a sense of peace to them when there isn ’ t much of that available to them .

Your lovestyle should be ever evolving : active , alive , and forever growing with you . It ’ s a living and breathing organism ! It should rise up to meet you and the village in real time and cradle us as we become who we are becoming .
FLORENCE ANN ROMANO - Florence Ann Romano is an author , philanthropist , businesswoman , and village and childcare advocate with a sparkling personality . Romano wants to show people that not only is the saying “ It takes a village ” true , but also how important the need for community is . For more information about Florence Ann Romano and her new book Build Your Village , please visit www . FlorenceAnn . com .

“ Love is as unique as a snowflake — intricate , majestic , customized , and delicate .”

Florence Ann Romano