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labeling it good or bad or even to avoid certain experiences . Accepting all of the experience can be challenging and being in the experience with a kind and gentle curiosity is key .


Focus on one thing at a time
When observing your experience , make an effort to focus your attention on only one thing at a time . No multi-tasking here . The art of being present is to notice when your mind has drifted , and you are no longer in sensing mode and back into thinking mode and gently bring it back to the present experience .
Being mindful can become a habit and can greatly reduce tension and help you feel more at ease but should be practiced regularly . Mindfulness can also bring about a lot of self-awareness . Self-awareness is a cornerstone of emotional intelligence ( EQ ) and a key component in self-concept development . Internal awareness is the ability to get insights into your emotions ,

“ Mindfulness is a skill that can be developed to break free of the unhelpful habits that put you at a state of dis-ease and cause distress .” feelings , needs , strengths and weaknesses , triggers , thoughts , habits , dreams , and qualities . External self-awareness is the ability to process feedback from others and recognize how they see you . People who lack self-awareness are more likely to stay in unfulfilling relationships , careers and to repeat bad patterns . The good news is you have the ability to comprehend your inner self through mindfulness , raise your emotional intelligence and live a more fulfilled , peaceful life !

CYNTHIA MEDINA - Certified Transformational Life and Health Coach
and Energy Practitioner , Cynthia Medina has been dedicated to the emotional , spiritual , and physical well-being of women for over twenty years . She intuitively combines her knowledge and training in Ayurveda , Naturopathy , Meditation , NLP , Reiki , Hypnosis , and other modalities to support women to break through the emotional and energetic blocks to healing and success . Cynthia works with clients individually and in her group programs . Learn more at www . CoachCynthiaMedina . com and download your free 7-pc Healing with Love Meditation Set .
Cynthia Medina

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