April/May 2023 Aspire Magazine FULL Issue | Page 33

Instead of writing about your hopes and wishes , you write as though it ’ s already happened . You are daydreaming with your pen !
Your soul creates through your imagination and with scripting you give free reign to those possibilities !
With scripting you are writing down possibilities as though they have already happened or are happening now . It ’ s not a wish list . You are creating the very script of extraordinary success you want to unfold in your business and your life .
The key is in the exquisite details and the emotional feeling you include when you write a script from your soul .
We live in a world of energy and vibration . As you embody your extraordinary success with your script you are giving a detailed order to the universe about what you would love to experience .
The imaginative detail and emotional feeling are what has the universe pay attention and get busy arranging the most amazing opportunities to come your way .
Success Scripting™ will help you create , manifest , and magnetize success to you .
When I went through separating with the father of my two sons , I knew I wanted a spiritual-led divorce . We were always going to be connected because of our sons .
I scripted like crazy . I scripted the outcome of our divorce – where we still respected and supported each other . I scripted seeing us going through it with love and patience , and I scripted the afterlife of us together as parents . I even scripted before each meeting we had to discuss a particular aspect of our separation .
After our court appearance , he invited me to a fancy business club where we toasted with champagne to our best lives . That was way beyond my scripting and imagination !
To this day , we are connected , and are good friends . Often , other parents comment about how well we get along .
I attribute scripting to helping me stay connected with my intention of us having a healthy conscious divorce and co-parenting relationship .
Scripting can be used for everything ! You can use it to paint the picture for the next year of your business , for big projects , your book , the new website , or a dream offer you are creating .
It is particularly useful to create a script for difficult conversations and tough parts of projects as you imagine them going your way with ease and grace .


Your best clients ever More money The perfect support team Opportunities to be speaking on stage , podcasts , radio and tv shows
You can also script for different lengths of time : Celebrating the whole year , a month , week or even a day in your life .