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Create a place where you can recharge from your day , physically and mentally by surrounding yourself with colors , fabrics and images that uplift your energy . Use soft , natural colors to create a warm and cozy environment . Place a vision board or inspirational poster in your direct line of sight so it is the last object you see when going to sleep or the first upon waking . health and wealth and brings the family or occupants together in community . Keep your stove clean and in regular use . Use fresh fruits and vegetables to increase the vitality in the room . Create an area where you can eat without standing or watching TV , a true place of community where you can uplift the energy of health , wealth , and family .
Another area in your home vital to promoting your overall wellness is your kitchen . Of course , preparing food relates to our physical wellness . There is a great deal , though , that we can consider when preparing our food . Keeping our kitchens clean and clutter free are the first steps in creating a supportive kitchen area . Putting love and care into our food and its preparation adds to how well it nourishes us . When creating a nurturing kitchen , consider your table settings as mini altars honoring your food and its source . Look at the images in and around your kitchen . What do you see when you are eating that reminds and reinforces uplifting emotions and ideas ?
Your kitchen area , particularly the stove , is also related to the energy of abundance in your life . It holds the energy of both
Ideally , we would all experience lives during which we spent ample time in nature and were able to experience the harmony of nature firsthand . For many , though , we often find ourselves out of rhythm with the seasons and elements . Bringing these energies into our homes will increase our sense of peace and harmony , will uplift our energy , and promote a sense of wellbeing .
Bringing the elements of nature into our homes could be as simple as opening the windows , or bringing in some stones , pinecones , flowers , or other objects we find outside into our homes . We may also surround ourselves with images of waterfalls , mountains , or other appealing nature scenes . Experiment with what works best for you . How would it feel to have fresh flowers in your home every week ?

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